Active Tracking

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This page is about "active"/"manual" tracking as opposed to "passive" tracking. It is not to be confused with Activity tracking.

Manual Data inputEdit

Disambiguation for all the ways user can manually input information. This does not include methods such as cognitive testing, where the user does not have complete control over the data input though does require user time to complete as with manual input. Journaling is for less structured information which may be difficult to quantify. State and symptom surveying is about user answering and filling out values for amount something has happened in the recent past and current moment. This type of tool can be used to track almost anything but is vulnerable to Issues with Self Report. Manual Time tracking is for tracking how user spent their time and is both quantifiable and usually free of error and vagueness. Event Tracking is Time tracking without the dimension of duration and so is very similar to time tracking.

Active TestingEdit

Testing your own capabilities such as cognitive testing or testing Fitness by running on a treadmill and measuring heart rate.