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Conec Medical System is a chinese company which sells comparatively affordable devices which are classified as Medical Device by the FDA[1] . They also produce different equipment for medical labs and doctors.

Devices[edit | edit source]

cms50f[edit | edit source]

The cms50f is a wrist worn pulse oximetry with probe. It measures Heart Rate and oxygen saturation. CMS makes many pulse Oximeters.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor[edit | edit source]

Directly measure Blood Pressure every 15 minutes with a wearable cuff and box. Quite bulk and needs batteries. Exports easily. 100$. Seems to be the only thing like this offered on ebay or amazon. DG (talk)

User impressions[edit | edit source]

  • DG (talk) Bulky to wear, terrible during movement but accurate during rest.

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