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A habit is a routine behavior that is repeated on a regular basis and can even occur subconsciously. Forming a habit requires discipline[1] and willpower[2].

The Atomic Habits book[3] recommends focusing on systems instead of goals and building automatic, low mental effort, habits to improve your life. At the same time habits like smartphone 'addiction' can wreck productivity. Self tracking helps habit forming by identifying rewards of habit and what triggers current habit. It can also be used to encourage streaks and consistency.

Building habits[edit | edit source]

There are many approaches that can support individuals in building habits

Books and communities[edit | edit source]

  • https://old.reddit.com/r/productivity/wiki/index about motivation and habits
  • tinyhabits.com
  • charlesduhigg.com

Gamification[edit | edit source]

At least one way to build habits or at least reduce reliance on willpower is Gamification[4]. This concept has been kind of popular lately especially with smart band and watch manufacturers. There are also apps[5][6] that can be customized to apply gamification to any self improvement effort. See also Serious Games[7].

Examples of apps designed to help forming habits include:

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