Help:Getting started with wiki syntax

Wiki basicsEdit

How to create a new page?Edit

To create a new page, you can 1) type the title in the search bar. If the page does not exist yet, a red link will appear. Click on this link and you will be able to create this page. 2) If you find a red link on a page on this wiki, this means that the linked page does not exist yet. Click on the link to create a new page for the link.

Do I need to know Wiki syntax to create content?Edit

No, not necessarily. There is a WYSIWYG editor that you can use without needing to write in Wiki syntax for formatting. It should appear when you click "edit" on a page. You are free to edit the source code using Wiki syntax (Click on "edit source"). Pages of some name spaces (e.g. "Talk" or "Help") don't seem to implement the WYSIWYG editor, so in that case you will have to edit in this way. For an overview of Mediawiki syntax, click here.

How to create a page of a certain category, e.g. "Tool"?Edit

There is a manual for each category:

How to edit a page?Edit

On top of each page, there are tabs labelled "edit" (to edit with the WYSIWYG editor), "edit source" and potentially "edit with form" (if this page uses a form).

How to discuss/comment a page?Edit

On top of each page, there is a tab labelled "Discussion", where you can find and edit the discussions about a page.

Will I be notified if someone edits a page I created / edited?Edit


Best practices for this wiki (These rules are WIP and might evolve together with this wiki)Edit

Do I need to create an account to contribute to this wiki?Edit


Should pages follow a specific structure?Edit

At this stage, we would not like to impose structure, and let it rather form naturally, to see what works best. We would however ask you to add a category tag to your page, so it is easier to find (see "How to create a page of a certain category, e.g. "Tool"?" on this page). We created some experimental templates for some page categories, that appear automatically when you use the page category tag. These templates might be more or less useful for you - please feel free to add a comment to the category's talk page for feedback!

How to create a page with an existing template / form?Edit

You can type "Form:" into the search bar to see which forms exist, and then create a page using this form by clicking on one of them. If a category uses a form, just adding the respective category tag will automatically add the form (after saving the page). Please have a look on the respective category pages for more information.

Best practices for talk pagesEdit

To add a new issue, add it to the bottom of the page, using h2 headings ("==" syntax). To reply to a comment, indent your reply using colons (":"). For new comments and replies, please sign using "~~~~" (this adds your username and a time stamp). If you notice that someone forget to sign their comment, you can have a look at the page's history to identify the author, and add a signature for them ("[[User: USERNAME]]").

I have a question regarding a certain page category (Tool, Topic, Project, People).Edit

Please have a look at the respective category page (see side menu).

Code on wiki pagesEdit

You can add code snippets (ADD how to do that) to your page, e.g. to show how the output of a device looks like. For longer code segments, please add a link to an external source (notebook, GitHub...).

On referencing contentEdit