Help:People FAQ

This page contains FAQ about the "People" category.

What is this category for?Edit

This is a category for people that are practicing Personal Science.

How can I create a page of this category?Edit

See the People form or How to manually make a page a People page

What are "People" pages supposed to include?Edit

In general, everything related to that person's Personal Science practice (projects, topics of interest...). You are free to include either internal or external links (to your blog, a forum thread etc., depending on where the person's work is documented).

Can I add a page about myself?Edit

Yes, you are cordially to create a page about yourself to share your Personal Science practice here. Unlike Wikipedia, this wiki does not have a "notability" criterium, but practicing or having a interest in Personal Science topics.

Are other people allowed to edit the page I created about myself?Edit

Yes, all pages, including "People" pages, are publicly editable. If you like, you can "watch" (add link to info how to do that) the page about you, so you get notifications when somebody edits it. We assume good faith of editors, and think that probably no one will purposefully include wrong or harmful information about you on this wiki. If there should really be a problem, you can contact (add contact).

What is the difference between the "User:USERNAME" page and the "normal" "USERNAME" page?Edit


Can I add a page about somebody else?Edit

Yes! If you create a page about somebody else, please make sure to only include information that is publicly available (e.g. projects that they have posted publicly somewhere on the internet), or to ask them if it is okay for them if you publish information on something else (e.g. a project they talked about in a meeting, but that they haven't published anything on yet). Also, for privacy reasons, if they don't use their full name when publishing their projects, please don't use it either, even if you know it (except of course if they agreed that you can use it).