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Content removal requests fall into three categories:

  1. priority removal: due to copyright violation or privacy concern
  2. undiscussed removal: non-urgent inappropriate content, e.g. spam
  3. discussed removal: potentially inappropriate content

The ability to remove content on the wiki is restricted to users with Administrator (page deletion) and/or Suppressor roles (deletion of revisions and logs).

Priority removal[edit | edit source]

Prioritized removal may be warranted due to copyright violation or privacy concerns.

Copyright violation[edit | edit source]

Free licenses should be used whenever possible for content on the wiki. In cases where this is not possible, non-free content might be added under a "fair use" principle as the wiki is nonprofit and intended for educational purposes.

Reasons to report copyright violation include:

  • false copyright and/or authorship claims
  • non-free content is not considered "fair use" (especially if the copyright holder has this claim!)

Privacy concern[edit | edit source]

Individuals may request removal of identifying information about themselves.

Reasons to request removal of private information include:

  • the individual authored information about themselves and would like it removed
  • the information is not publicly available elsewhere

How to request priority removal[edit | edit source]

Priority removal may be requested by:

  1. (Public) Editing the wiki to add a request to: Priority Removal Requests
  2. (Private) Emailing (please include a description and link to the content)

Undiscussed removal[edit | edit source]

Removal without discussion is warranted in the case of obvious spam. If content is not obviously spam but seems likely to be outside the scope of intended content on this wiki, "discussed removal" is warranted.

Undiscussed removal may be requested by editing the wiki to add a request to: Undiscussed Removal Requests

Discussed removal[edit | edit source]

Removal discussion is warranted when content is potentially "out of scope" for this wiki. After a request is made, other editors can edit the wiki to share their opinion (vote to remove/keep), their reasoning, and other related thoughts. Discussion may include refining or modifying the community's understanding regarding the wiki's appropriate "scope".

Decisions are expected to be rendered according to consensus, similar to Wikipedia's use of consensus decision-making.

To initiate a discussion for content removal, please edit the wiki to add a request: Removal Discussion Requests