Help:Tool FAQ

This page contains FAQ about the category "Tool".

What is this category for?Edit

This category is for pages about "tools", i.e. devices, apps, or other things that can be used to observe, analyze or intervene in the context of Personal Science. The focus is on practical experience with this tool (What did you/someone else do with this tool? Did it work well or not? What woud other people who use this tool in the future would need to know?). Preferably, only create pages for tools that you have used yourself, or that you know that somebody else used in a project. By this practice, we try to assure that this category is not just used to advertise new gadgets, but to provide as much use value as possible for readers.

How do I create a page of this category?Edit

Use the Tool form or see How to manually make a Tool page.

Should I create a page for each series/model of a tool or just one overall tool page?Edit

This depends on a case-by-case basis. If there are different series which differ only slightly, a single page with a table of sensors per series would be sufficient. However, if a tool has evolved a lot over time, its sensors and/or form changing a lot, it might be a better solution to split the pages. If you are not sure, just create your new tool page as you think is suitable in your case, maybe adding your thoughts on the page's talk page.