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Steps of self tracking[edit | edit source]

Is it worth doing?[edit | edit source]

Reasons for and against self tracking.

Get inspired by Category:People.

Or people on

What are your broad goals?[edit | edit source]

Ex. improve productivity.

Self tracking disambiguation.

How will you design the project?[edit | edit source]

Read Gary's new book with advice like '"overreach is tempting, especially when the topic of concern touches on unresolved controversies in health science" and "the most important tool in the personal science kit is not hardware or software but a written log of notes and reflections,".

What are you specific goals and how will you measure them?[edit | edit source]

Ex. improve focus. Measure by looking at number of distractions using ActivityWatch. Exosenses.

Here on the wiki you could try Category:Topics then Category:Tools.

Lists [1] of things that could possibly be tracked.

What exactly will the interventions be?[edit | edit source]

Ex. drink more tea.

sources for scientific studies. biomindmap

Searching public knowledge

How will you get the data into one place?[edit | edit source]

Hopefully Open Humans will have an aggregator for each tool you use.

How will you visualize and analyze the data?[edit | edit source]

Visualize Start learning to analyze by reading Experiment VS Observational study.

Advice on first project[2][edit | edit source]

  • First project should be a brief, trial run.
  • Do not overextend; not too long tests or too much tracked
  • Write symptoms as closely as possible to your consequential real experiences. Issues with Self Report
  • Curate with support of time, location, Lifelogging.

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