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Several journaling apps and other things, like life coach, based on chatgpt

Helath and mood journaling vs event and lifeloggin journaling. These may be different things very.

Look into quantification via GPT-3. aliabdaal journaled for productivity benefits and because many papers on how journaling helps mental and physical health. recommends 'day on' app (bc scanning physical journal and export), jounraling whatever youthink about in the morning. Benefits creativity, planning, processing emotions like therapist, setting up Cog.Beh.The or therapist. recommends make the habit easy and freeform not perfectionist. Try prompts: how feeling about projects and why, where future, how use 2 hours day.

this is a project here right?

a potential set of old QS ers

In particular, I’ve found the notes of the mathematician Alexander Grothendieck and the film director Ingmar Bergman revealing. They both kept detailed track of their thoughts as they attempted to reach out toward new ideas.