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Time tracking is the practice of recording of how time is spent. It is commonly associated with professionals who bill their time by the hour, but it can also be used to gain a better understanding of how one spends time in general. In this context it is also often done as a form of tracking productivity, by classifying different actions into productive and unproductive time spent.

Tools for automatic time trackingEdit

There are a number of different tools that can be used to do automatic time tracking through software that monitors how a digital device is used. Some of them are limited to either tracking time on computers or on mobile phones, others come with apps that allow for both and combining this data. Examples of time tracking tools include:

  • RescueTime, a freemium platform that can track time spent on computers and mobile phones and that does some automated classification of time into productive and unproductive.
  • ActivityWatch, an open source tool and platform that is similar to RescueTime and works on most computer operating systems as well as on Android.
  • Smarter Time
  • www.rewind.ai "search everything you have seen, said, heard" OCRs your screen.
  • timestudio.pro
  • stayfree on android allegedly exports to CSV
  • Timely, which focuses on professional use, e.g. to create invoices
  • Router like raspberry pie[1]

Also ManicTime, StayFree, YourHour, rize.io

Tools for manual time trackingEdit

Tracking time that is not on the computer can be very valuable, but relies on manual tracking (a form of Manual input). This could be time spent reading physical books or playing with the dog. Smart watches and band often allow user to manually input exercise. The act of manual tracking can be a form of feedback.

  • aTimeLogger, a mobile app for iOS and Android that relies on manual tracking of how time is spent.
  • MySymptoms, Allows notes taking but entering time interface is hassle.
  • savemytime.co/ ask automatically every 15 min
  • everyhour.xyz drag drop
  • airtable.com very customizable business product
  • toggl.com
  • conjure.so: cross-platform, allows connecting time entries to habits and objectives
  • Memento Database for Android
  • Spreadsheets like Excel

Also ATracker , timecap and google calendar?

Physical buttonsEdit

A manual form of tracking but without requiring user to thumb through their phone and thus is easier. Often related to NFCs and Home Automation.

Event trackingEdit

Events are just time blocks without the dimension of time and many of the above tools accommodate event tracking.