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Hi, I’m Enric Senabre, currently a postdoc researcher at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. I’m interested in self-research at the intersection of citizen science and (auto)ethnography. By training and skills, let’s say I’m more “quali” than “quanti” oriented.

During my PhD 2016-2019 I did a rigorous self-tracking of time spent working in case studies for my thesis on co-creation VS management / coordination tasks, as I was studying and working part-time in a research group.

The fall of 2020 I did some initial attempts to track and analyze my mood with Daylio for one month, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with that app. Then in 2021 I moved for seven months to a daily self-survey, registering a broad range of personal activities (mood, type of dreams and pre-sleep activity, type of food & drinks consumed, nicotine fills for vaping, social life, sports and hobbies, type of music I listened, levels of productivity, even Tarot cards from each morning!) and well, I wasn’t able to find very exciting correlations between any of them :)

In parallel that time I also kept a journal of my dreams, when waking up. Pages and pages of handwritten words which I found hard to analyze (apart from some obvious recurrences and connections to feelings) and not very rewarding except for memory and serendipity reasons.

My most “serious” attempt at self-research, moved by curiosity but also a sort of addictive routine, was a self-intervention (and afterwards autoethnography) during May 2021 on smartphone disengagement (using an one button tracker, pen and paper and the reMarkable tablet), which I could visualize and later on understand better with the help of other self-researchers from the OH community.

Currently I’m keeping an open journal on my postdoc activities, retrospectively documenting some activist projects I have been involved in, and trying to apply collaborative writing for some case studies on what has been recently coined “citizen ethnography”.