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Hi, I'm Bastian and I've been doing different forms of self-tracking ever since the first Fitbit came out. Since then I've tried to track a lot of different things and still do so!

Things I currently track[edit | edit source]

About my body[edit | edit source]

About my mind[edit | edit source]

About myself in the world[edit | edit source]

  • Geolocation (passively with Overland on my phone)
  • Air quality metrics (portable with a Plumelabs Flow & locally at home with a Netatmo)
  • Weather (derived from geolocation data & Dark Sky weather API)

Nearly all the things I keep track of are collected passively without the need for me to actively engage in the tracking. The two main exceptions are keeping track of the books I read (Goodreads automatically logs ebooks, but physical books require manual logging) and the symptom tracking, which requires a single logging action per day.

Things I used to track[edit | edit source]

Mood[edit | edit source]

I've tried collecting data on my mood through a number of different mobile apps (e.g. Reporter, iMoodJournal, …) but never managed to get into a good habit of collecting the data

Food / Diet[edit | edit source]

At around 2012 I developed a quite good habit of logging my consumed food via the Fitbit app when actively trying to lose weight, but that habit effectively stopped once I had reached my 'weight goal'.

Personal Science projects I did[edit | edit source]

Projects I currently think about/plan[edit | edit source]