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ActivityWatch is an open source app that automatically tracks how time is spent cross-platform on devices, mainly PC and smartphone. It is a privacy-first alternative to services like RescueTime, ManicTime, and WakaTime. It can be used to keep track of productivity, time spent on different projects, screen habits, or just to understand how users spend their time.

Basic functionality[edit | edit source]

ActivityWatch works by installing the application on your computer and/or smartphone. While the app is running in the background it automatically collects data on when and for how long you are using different applications and automatically classifies them. ActivityWatch comes with a web interface which currently has activity overview (most used applications by day, timeline, most time spent on a website) and bucket overview (when a bucket was last updated, listing of the latest events).

The project has a quite complete documentation site regarding its installation, use and customisation.

Exporting data[edit | edit source]

If you go to the “Raw Data” page in the ActivityWatch webui you can download any of the buckets which contain every collected datapoint in ActivityWatch as a single file. You can also export data programatically using the REST API (not documented). Finally you can just find the SQL database file and load it into the language of your choice. It may be necessary to occasionally move this database file and cause AW to create a new one because otherwise AW becomes slow.

Projects that used ActivityWatch[edit | edit source]