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Self researcher(s) Damien Catani
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Date 2015/06/19
Event name 2015 QS Global Conference
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Goalmap: All Your Life Goals In One Place is a Show & Tell talk by Damien Catani that has been imported from the Quantified Self Show & Tell library.The talk was given on 2015/06/19 and is about Productivity.

Description[edit | edit source]

A description of this project as introduced by Quantified Self follows:

Damien Catani had a well-rounded life with sports, arts, and intellectual activities, but started to lose his balance when he started working at a bank. So he started a spreadsheet to track his life goals, which had became part of how he manages his life. In this talk, he presents Goalmap, a digital goal setting and goal tracking platform that helps you set, track, and reach all types of goal in all fields of life from conception to completion.

Video and transcript[edit | edit source]

A transcript of this talk is below:

Damien Catani “Goalmap All Your Life Goals In One Place”

I’m Damien and I’m going to speak about goalmap, a digital goal setting and goal tracking platform I’ve been building. You may wonder what a French guy’s doing at a QS event in France self-tracking, is that best suspicious. We enjoy cheese, wine, love, all sweet things in life, so how did I get into it? So I’ve always had a well-rounded life with sports, arts, and intellectual activities. So when I started to work in banking I got worried to lose that balance, so I stated to build a spreadsheet, an Excel spreadsheet to track my life goals. This spreadsheet became part of how I manage my life, and I reached a stage where I thought if I found a method to hack my personal development I should share it and that’s how goalmap started. So how does it work? So let me use my personal examples, so a 35 year old professional using my spare time for that project, health conscious, competitive tri athlete and tend to keep going in multiple life fields. So I have about 25 goals. Let’s say I want to set a culture goal, so first I go to the goal store and I choose from the 10 categories; important health, arts and craft. So here I will pick up intelligence and knowledge. I scrolled through the goals I can find there, and I see some which might be of interest. I click on culture, which is the goal that I want to set on the first place. I then land on the page for that goal where I’m invited to choose what I want to track. Is it watching movies, attending concerts, exhibitions? We all have our own idea of what the goal means to us, and here you can customize it. So I pick up two trackers; books and reading for which I then set a target. That’s the nice part for Quantified Selfer’s, so it leaves a lot of room for personalization. Here I set targets to read 15 books a year, and two and a half hours a week. Once my goal is set, I can then start log activities. Here on the logging page, I have all my trackers for the week and I log for instance 37 minutes of reading on Thursday. I can then add qualitative comments. Personally I find comments useful for countries I visit, or book, movie reviews, or for the details of a sport session. Then I consult my personal analytics. Here for instance is my weekly habits and now I see where I stand for all my weekly targets, whether I’m on track or not or know what the gap to completion is, which allows me to focus on what matters. If I click on a specific tracker I will see the details for that activity. As you can see a the top another visual, at the bottom is like a timeline to see where I stand for all my long-term goals. So you may wonder, there is a lot of QS apps around, so why is it worth using goalmap, so let me share with you three things which makes it unique valuable proposition. So most of the goal apps you find on the market actually habit building apps. Goalmap instead supports all type of goals, with complex goals, with multiple sub-goals in year occurrence from daily to early, one offs, long-term, positive, negative, from getting promoted at work to visiting new countries, playing chess. It’s holistic and not focused on wellness only, so you can look at your life as a whole and we believe there is merit in doing so since the parts of your life interconnect. And it’s not a self-tracking app with a goal setting overlay, nor do goals come first. First you aim then you do, reach a result, assess options and go again, through the birth to the so called self-realization. So to summarize in one sentence, goalmap helps you set, track, and reach all types of goal in all fields of life from conception to completion. So the next steps of what are we at, we are building an app which should be out in September. We are integrating APIs, and the plan is to go social by creating communities of curated goals. Thanks a lot for attending this talk. If you have any questions I’ll have an office hour later, so don’t hesitate to come and have a chat. And visit the website goalmap.com. it’s free to setting and tracking all your life goals.

Thank you very much.

About the presenter[edit | edit source]

Damien Catani gave this talk.