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The Keating Memorial is an ongoing effort to support people in doing personal science or self-research in a collaborative group setting. Co-organized between Open Humans and Quantified Self, it consists of weekly self-research meetings which are held online via Zoom and annual presentations of self-research results that are done each summer since 2020.

In 2022, the Keating Memorial talks happened on October 27 at 9am PDT / 6pm CEST. A recording of the event is available on YouTube.

Background[edit | edit source]

This memorial effort is done to honor Steven Keating who was an inspiring advocate for patient data access and engagement around data. Curiosity was a driving force in Steven's life. He recorded and shared videos of his brain surgery, explored his cancer's genetic data, and printed 3D models of his tumor. On July 19 2019, Steven passed away. In his memory and in celebration of his life, the Keating Memorial wants to help more people be curious about themselves.

Weekly meetings[edit | edit source]

A big part of the Keating Memorial are the weekly self-research chats, which take place every Thursday at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern/7pm Central European time. These hour-long calls are centered around open format in which participants bring their own ideas, questions, issues or updates on their self-research projects to share their insights and get feedback or help. See all details on past calls and how to join. Additionally, a list of the topics etc. discussed can also be found on this wiki.

Additionally, the Keating Memorial group also uses the #self-research channel in the Open Humans Slack.

Memorial presentations[edit | edit source]

Once a year, the Keating Memorial holds a more structured online event in which individuals share their findings and what they learned in a Show & Tell talk. These talks center around three questions: 1. What did you do? 2. How did you do it? 3. What did you learn? These events take place during the summer, around the date of Steven Keating's passing.

2020 projects[edit | edit source]

Self-researcher Topic Details
Steven Jonas Mental contrasting
James Littlejohn Hay fever symptoms
Gary Wolf Self-Tracking A Cardiac Arrhythmia
Mad Ball Tracking Effects of Testosterone Therapy

2021 projects[edit | edit source]

Self-researcher Topic Details
Warren Stringer
Joyce Waterhouse
Abhik Chowdhury
Enric Senabre Digital minimalism Smartphone Disengagement

2022 projects[edit | edit source]

In 2022, the Keating Memorial happened on October 27 and you could register to participate (and suggest your own talk). Beyond the personal science project talks we used this opportunity to also launch this Wiki to a broader audience. The recording of the event is available on YouTube.

Talks presented
Self-Researcher Topic Details
Maggie Kiraga What I learned in a month of watching my Alcohol consumption
Inhwa Song Authoring Algorithm for Daily Score
DG learning from 100K Anki reviews
Jon Cousins Mood tracking with “Emostrong” cards