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Open Humans is an online community and digital infrastructure that provides support for self-research, tools for personal data access and aggregating data, and data analysis notebooks you can run in your browser.

Aggregating data[edit | edit source]

Open Humans supports the importing of self-tracking-related data from a wide variety of sources. These data imports can be the manual upload of files (e.g. for genetic data from Direct-To-Consumer genetic testing companies) or through APIs (e.g. to automatically import data from wearable devices). Automated data imports include Fitbit, Oura Ring, Overland, RescueTime and others. A full list can be found on the Open Humans website[1].

Data analysis notebooks[edit | edit source]

Open Humans provides a each of its users with a private virtual machine which runs Jupyter Notebooks in the cloud and has access to all the user's data that is stored in Open Humans, allowing to create data analyses and data visualizations that way[2]. Users can export and publicly share their own notebooks in the Exploratory[3], so that others can re-use them to analyze/visualize their own data.

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