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Personal Science - Learning to observe is a book written by Gary Isaac Wolf in collaboration with Thomas Blomseth Christiansen, Jakob Eg Larsen, Martijn de Groot, Steven Jonas and Sara Riggare. A draft version of the book is currently available as an early access version (2022). The book aims to provide a step-by-step approach to generating personal knowledge by applying empirical methods.

Personal science projects[edit | edit source]

The book contains a large number of real-world examples of personal science projects done by various researchers. The table below provides an overview of these references to self-researchers and their projects mentioned in the book, alongside links to the projects.

Overview of self-research projects discussed in the book Personal Science
Pages Self-researcher Topic Wiki link Other links
1 9-11 Katrina Rodzen bloating QS blog
2 11-12 Martha Rotter acne QS blog
3 14-15 Anne Wright chronic health conditions QS blog
4 20-21 Vivienne Ming diabetes Tracking my Son's Diabetes
5 25-27 Greg Pomerantz high carbohydrate diet High Carbohydrate Diet QS blog
6 31-32 Martijn de Groot sleepiness
7 33-36 Jakob Eg Larsen headaches My Headaches From Tracking Headaches
8 36-38 Sara Riggare Parkinsons Tracking Parkinsons & Medication, How Not to Fall, Balancing Neurotransmitters In Neurological Illness
9 39-40 Mark Wilson emails and stress Three Years of Logging my Inbox QS blog
10 42-44 Paul LaFontaine stress and HRV Using Heart Rate Variability to Analyze Stress in Conversation QS blog
11 45-48 Robin Weis crying Crying QS blog
12 49-50 Chris Bartley chronic fatigue Landmines & Zombies
13 50-51 Gary Wolf metabolic issues High-Frequency Blood Glucose Testing
14 51-53 Randy Sargent food tracking 2 years of tracking weight diet and sleep QS blog
15 55-57 Ellis Bartholomeus happiness Draw a Face a Day QS blog
16 58-60 Mark Drangsholt heart condition What Causes my Heart Rhythm Disorder? QS blog
17 61-64 Robin Barooah weight loss Weight Loss Through Embodied Learning
18 65-67 Ilyse Magy menstrual cycles and fertility Know Thy Cycle, Know Thyself QS blog
19 70-71 Whitney Erin Boesel breastfeeding and cholesterol Cholesterol Levels While Nursing
20 79-82 Gary Wolf arrhythmias
21 83-85 Janet Chang psilocybin microdosing Sub-Perceptual Psilocybin Dosing
22 85-86 Allen Neuringer number and quality of ideas scientific paper
23 107-108 Jordan Clark microagressions Quantifying The Effects Of Microaggressions
24 109-110 Lindsey Meyer hearing loss Tracking My Hearing Loss