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Piotr Wozniak is a Polish computer scientist known for creating systems to track and optimize many aspects of his life. His contributions to memory and sleep are most widely known.

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Project Areas[edit | edit source]

Memory and Spaced Repetition[edit | edit source]

In his attempts to learn English in the 1980's, Piotr tracked how long he remembered each word in a notebook.

Sleep[edit | edit source]

Cold Water Swimming[edit | edit source]

Preventing Colds[edit | edit source]

Circadian Rhythm[edit | edit source]

The timing of naps[edit | edit source]

Wozniak combined his sleep tracking with his repetitions from his spaced repetition software (SRS) to map his ability to answer trivia questions through out the day.

Personal Discoveries[edit | edit source]

Memory[edit | edit source]

  • Spaced Repetition using an algorithm that models the forgetting curve is successful and powerful for retaining information.

Circadian Rhythm[edit | edit source]

  • Naps are most effective when taken seven to eight hours after awakening [1]

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