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Move to body temperature tracking[edit | edit source]

this needs to be body temperature tracking not just temperature tracking because ambient environment temperature tracking - User:DG

Very good point, I've moved the page and also changed all links that were supposed to be body temperature but went to the old page! - Gedankenstuecke (talk) 08:55, 23 February 2022 (UTC)

Body temperature needs to be split into core and periferal[edit | edit source]

Because some devices measure pripheral instead of core (oura ring) and because bodys ability ot compensate for temperature differences may mean something interesting. Although it is not a clear indicator of internal body temperature, skin temperature is significant in assessing the healthy function of skin.[2] Since catheters are highly invasive, the generally accepted alternative for measuring core body temperature is through rectal measurements. Rectal temperature is expected to be approximately 1 Fahrenheit (or 0.55 Celsius) degree higher than an oral temperature taken on the same person at the same time. Ear thermometers measure temperature from the tympanic membrane using infrared sensors and also aim to measure core body temperature, since the blood supply of this membrane is directly shared with the brain. However,

Skin temperatures can very greatly from each other.

"Mean body temperature (MBT) is the mass-weighted average temperature of body tissues. Core temperature is easy to measure, but direct measurement of peripheral tissue temperature is painful and risky and requires complex calculations. " This shift in blood flow can be measured via the temperature of the hands and feet, indicating the peripheral temperature.

That's some great sources there! I've added those details in a new section on different measurement types! - Gedankenstuecke (talk) 15:42, 23 February 2022 (UTC)

link to book from 1920![edit | edit source]

Maybe there is something more recent? - User:DG

I used the reference that was given in the Wikipedia link, but i'm sure there might be something more recent. At the same time: the general observation that skin temperature deviates from core temperature will probably remain the same? :) - Gedankenstuecke (talk) 08:27, 24 February 2022 (UTC)