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Treadmill and bicycle desks! sources[edit | edit source] "The results of the current study indicate that walking while working decreases scores on tests of typing and mouse proficiency, and math solving ability by approxi- mately 6 to 11%. This may be because the added task of walking puts an increased load on both mental process- ing and motor control.-^-^ An increased load causes interference in 1 or both tasks, thereby lowering task performance.^" Significantly lower (P < .05) peribrmances on fine motor movement tests during the walking condition" "Walking on a treadmill desk may result in a modest difference in total learning and typing outcomes relative to sitting, but those declines may not outweigh the benefit of the physical activity gains from walking on a treadmill." " Findings suggest active workstations, whether walking or cycling, are useful to improve physical activity, particularly when completing tasks that do not require verbal memory recall."