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Potential Sources[edit | edit source]

Inside Tracker 6 year old list of companies and what they test a list with explanations of each biomarker. sipho for 17 for 95$

Lab tests could be more things than blood[edit | edit source]

So this topic should be renamed to blood tests?

where to add this?[edit | edit source] "PhD here. No, there isn’t.

This is really cool tech and may some day result in actionable medical care, but the vast majority of metabolites in an omics screen like this have yet have a clear role in human health defined. There’s a reason he listed “glucose, dopamine, vitamin D,” etc. and not the strings of metabolites most people outside of the metabolomics field probably haven’t heard of. " "There are several studies now that are starting to translate metabolomics findings from mere scientific results to actionable interventions. Here are some examples from large research studies: Type 2 Diabetes and interventions Behavioural coaching for general wellness As example for a very specific, single marker, 2-hydroxyglutarate in blood can be evidence for cancer: Also, longitudinal studies of health aging indicate that repeated sampling can identify individuals who are on a detrimental trajectory:"


Single drop of blood at home test machines[edit | edit source] abbot labs i-stat 1, chem 8+ cartridge 9 metabolic measures with a few drops of blood. piccolo express 14 tests genalyte mavrick immunoassay runs 26 test biointellisense thriva blood test startup