Tinké: Monitoring Fitness Levels and Relaxation Indexes

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Self researcher(s) Juliana Chua
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Related topics Sports and fitness, Stress, Heart rate, Blood tests and blood pressure, Activity tracking

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Date 2013/10/10
Event name 2013 QS Global Conference
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Tinké: Monitoring Fitness Levels and Relaxation Indexes is a Show & Tell talk by Juliana Chua that has been imported from the Quantified Self Show & Tell library.The talk was given on 2013/10/10 and is about Sports and fitness, Stress, Heart rate, Blood tests and blood pressure, and Activity tracking.

Description[edit | edit source]

A description of this project as introduced by Quantified Self follows:

Juliana Chua of Zensorium is a woman in her early 30s who enjoys working, but is not fond of exercising. There are three things she wanted to know: 1) how does she relax her mind and body 2) What are her highlights, and 3) What is her stress level. In this video, she talks about how she used Tinké and what she learned from using it.

Video and transcript[edit | edit source]

A transcript of this talk is below:

Juliana Chua

Tinké Monitoring Fitness Levels and Relaxation Indexes

Hi everyone, my name is Juliana and I’m actually from Zensorium so that is the reason I’m going to talk what I tried and tested and how I used Tinké and this is a very small device over here and what I learned from using Tinké . So a little bit about of myself, I do enjoy working a lot that’s quite not sensible. I’m in my early 30s and I’m actually not very fond of exercising at all. So there are three things I wanted to know, how do I relax my mind and body because I work so much, my peers, my highlights, and also my stress level. So these are the devices I actually tested, and you can see why I wanted to test my stress and my relaxation and also my fitness levels, and none of the devices actually provided me with those angles, so which is why that lead to the reason why we build Tinké. Tinké actually measure these four parameters, your heart rate, your fitness level, your respiratory and heartrate variability. Most importantly the oxygen levels which a lot of devices are not able to monitor, so these are the four impactful parameters we put inside Tinké. So the questions that I already ask myself is, I want to improve my fitness, now what should I really do? Do I actually work our more? So these are the three tips what I found out from regularly practicing exercise regularly, but for me more importantly not to overdo it as well. So what Tinké does it has this determining your fitness level in the relation between the three parameters of the proprietary algorithm that we built, and it’s something that we put in place because we find it very useful to us. So looking back at my 12 months of data when I first started out, I did a goal at which I want to reach 80 points but I was only a a mere 63 when I first started out. I wanted to be fresh and be more fit actually. So as it goes on I tried to look at how do I start out. I started out having a very uninteresting upward climb and wanted to do more and started exercising a little bit more. But as it progresses through the later part of the month, you know when Christmas come in and exercise comes in I did a lot of partying and it doesn’t really go down very well with me, so I could see my fitness level actually going down and it’s something that I didn’t realize until I started tracking it. So I decided to do some New Year resolution and got back into exercising again. But as it goes on when I started working so hard, the financial year closing and my health cut back again, so I could see all this monitoring as I go against myself. So last year what I did I really tried to really consciously monitor myself and you can see my goals going up. The next thing was when I wanted to relax what should I be aware, and similarly I found three tips for myself, and controlled breathing works out really well for me and also self-awareness of your own stress levels, and so previously it wasn’t quantifiable, and what we built inside Tinké was the needs for people to quantify their own stress levels and a means for them to relax. So by doing some breathing coaching exercises could actually relax yourself and at the end of the day you can also have your index level to monitor how well you are. So similarly the same thing, I put myself into the tracking, and when I first started it wasn’t really that bad. I was 67 already and kind of in the calm zone, and I wanted to see how I could improve myself over time. And the same thing, I observed myself to be in an extremely rocky state, but it was something that I couldn’t control of my own stress level and I didn’t have the tools and the needs to do what I’m doing. So I started deep breathing exercise and also tried to visit a Zen master, so they put me through a kind of meditation kind of class and I could see myself trying to improve, but it was actually extremely difficult for me to get started and with all the work going on. But later on at the end of the year it works out very well with my fitness level and everything increases over time. So I could look back and everything trends on the app itself and I didn’t have to record it in a notebook. When some of my friends were interested I could let them test it. So what I found over time was my fitness and the stress level and the three things that I really care for myself, not to overdo exercise, set goals, and also having quantifiable means to actually relax myself have become very key for me. So in short this is the 12 month tracking you are seeing over here and you can see from May when I started trending myself, the improvement was quite phenomenal as I could see myself improving over time and increasing my own level of fitness and relaxation. So what I really wanted to achieve is the wellness level and I’m not into taking vitamins so much because I don’t like a lot of chemicals in my body. So I wanted to take care of myself and I strongly believe that you can change what you do not know.

So that’s all for my talk, thank you.

About the presenter[edit | edit source]

Juliana Chua gave this talk.