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Completely Open Source. Made in Ukrain by Ultimate Robotics.[1]

Starts at 80$ but user should buy the 110$ kit.

uECG is small wearable ECG device that attempts to bridge the gap between modules for prototyping and medical devices. It can be used both as a development platform and a standalone ECG.

It’s low power, very lightweight, can be worn during physical activities.][2]

No onboard memory. Includes Galvanic Skin Response meter and Accelerometer. User will need to buy adhesive probes.

Movement can easily interfere with signal causing weird wave and the app to misjudge heartbeats. Still better than my Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and everything else I tried. Connection or app or device break and then android phone and device need to be completely restarted. This can happen anytime and usually cut my nightly measurements to two hours of data.DG (talk) 19:45, 3 March 2022 (UTC)