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Tools of interest ActivityWatch, Oura Ring, Fitbit, Whoop Strap, OpenBCI, InteraXon Muse, Neurosity Crown
Topics of interest Time Tracking, Media Tracking, EEG (Electroencephalography), Activity tracking, Sleep tracking, Heart rate tracking, Habits, Blood tests and blood pressure, Mood, Life extension, Lifelogging, Biofeedback, Drug use and effects, Nootropics

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Hi all!

I'm Erik Bjäreholt, a Swedish software engineer and independent researcher. I'm the founder & lead developer of ActivityWatch, and I've been doing Quantified Self stuff for over a decade (since I was in high school 2010-2013).

I wrote my master's thesis on classifying the brain activity of software developers with EEG.

I've been watching all the "official" Quantified Self stuff from afar for a while now (since Gary Wolf had his TED talk in 2014) and on this day of writing (2022-11-3) I finally discovered the weekly calls, so going to try and chime in every now and then.

You can learn a lot about me from my other profiles across the internet: