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Xiaomi Mi produces a number of wearables and smart watches with different form factors. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Bands are popular devices as they comparatively cheap (at 40-50 USD).

Data collected[edit | edit source]

The latest devices collects continuous data on heart rate, does activity tracking, sleep tracking and also provides Blood oxygen saturation monitoring.

According to DG, the Mi Smart Band 6 detects activity and sleep/awake well enough. Its spo2 sensor can detect holding of breath but only when not moving. Further the sensor sometimes detects smaller drops in Oxygenation for no reason and there is no options to continuously record blood oxy. He also compared the HR measures of it to the uECG and during exercise recorded data within ± 4% of the uECG. Rarely, occasionally, its much worse. It must be worn tightly and in the right place and worst wont inform the user or record that its getting a bad signal. Moving the arm with band on while sitting still does not fool the band.

Data export[edit | edit source]

It may be somewhat difficult to get data out but multiple methods are available.[1][2][3]