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Fitness in the personal science space typically refers to physical fitness, a state of health and well-being that is often related to sports but also diet. Fitness is often measured via VO2Max and heart rate under controlled conditions.


Apps to track FitnessEdit


Stephen Wolfram[13] and Seth Roberts[14] both recommend treadmill work desks. Gwern conducted a treadmill desk experiment and found that it lessened his typing speed a bit and recall a noticeable amount but lost weight.[15] Walking and running is most natural human exercise. It is used in most sports. Treadmills set the the pace and exertion unlike every other form of exercise. As a consequence analyzing fitness with them is much easier. Also it relies less on willpower to keep going fast.

Physical energyEdit

How ready body and mind are for exercise. Mentioned often in projects. Often can be measured by how likely user is to do physical activity if given the opportunity. So give yourself opportunity with something like a heavy resistance band.