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Seth Roberts was an evolutionary psychology university professor, writer, blogger and well known for his work in self-experimentation regarding sleep, diet and mood, among other topics.

More information about Seth's life and work can be found on his Wikipedia article and on his personal blog (active until 2014). An active private Seth Roberts Community group on Facebook has more than 600 members.

Self-experimentation[edit | edit source]

Seth Roberts speaking at an event in Beijing China, 2010.
Topic Duration Description More info
Sleep 1990-1994 Self-research on skipping breakfast for reducing early awakening, using a custom-made device (with "start" sleeping button and "awake" button) and record of morning food intake (type of breakfast and time).
Mood 1995-1996 Self-research about the effects on next day mood of seeing faces on TV each morning for 30 minutes, using a custom made scale about the dimensions "happy / unhappy", "irritable / serene", and "reluctant / eager".