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Overland is a passive GPS tracker for both iOS and Android and which can record geo-location data in user-specified intervals/accuracy and sends it to a server of the user's choice that has been developed by Aaron Parecki. The source code for iOS and Android versions is open source.

Data recorded by OverlandEdit

Besides the GPS coordinates, Overland also records some additional information with each location recording:

  • Motion state (walking, running, driving, cycling, stationary)
  • Phone's battery level
  • If connected to a Wifi, the name of the network

User's can setup the desired accuracy of the location data that is recorded and also the frequency with which data should be recorded, to find a personal trade-off between accuracy, granularity and phone battery life.

Server setupEdit

Overland is designed to push the location data in regular intervals to a server on which the data should be stored. As the Overland data structure is well documented, users can in principle write their own server to store the data in. Additionally, Aaron Parecki also provides Compass, an open-source server that works with Overland which you could host yourself.

If you don't want to host anything yourself, Open Humans also provides an integration for Overland. This integration creates a private endpoint for users, to which they can send their location data which in turn is privately store it in their Open Humans account.

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