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Mbientlab is a manufacturer of small bluetooth sensors that can record a variety of parameters similar to the iButton temperature loggers. Their development boards come loaded with sensors for prototyping, research, and product development."[1] The devices cost around $90-130.

Sensors[edit | edit source]

Depending on the device used, the MbientLab devices can record a variety of signals, including: Light, Pressure, body temperature, Accelerometry, Angular Velocity, Magnetic Forces.

They are also a sort of Open Source Device, offering complete raw data export and store on the device or send directly to a smart phone. The internal storage is used up fast, if recording data from the high frequency sensors.

User impressions[edit | edit source]

DG (talk) The app the devs made is not great and drops on newer phones or fails to connect on older ones. Sensors are not the kind that depend on outside forces for good signal except lumens which can be covered up.

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