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Personal Science (book)
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Konstantin Augemberg, Mark Moschel, Matteo Lai, Stephen Maher, Morris Villarroel, Justin Timmer, Danielle Roberts, Maximilian Gotzler, Georgios Papastefanou, Damien Blenkinsopp, Todd Greco, Hind Hobeika, Josh Berson, Juliana Chua, Ian Eslick, Denise Lorenz, Paul LaFontaine, Ulrich Atz, Paul LaFontaine, Bill Schuller, JD Leadam, Gedankenstuecke, Chris Bartley, Stephen Zadig, Aaron Parecki, Fu-Chieh Hsu, Ajay Chander, Alex Tarling, Ellis Bartholomeus, Justin Timmer, Kathryn McCurdy, Arend Visser, Kevin Krejci, Olivier Janin, Gil Blander, Troy Angrignon, Sky Christopherson, Jordan Clark, Su Hyun Kim, Dr. Alan Greene, Kiel Gilleade, Jenny Tillotson, Lydia Lutsyshyna, Danielle Roberts, Steven Jonas, Janet Chang, Justin Lawler, Marco Altini, Arlene Ducao, Juliana Chua... further results
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2022-06-09 Self-Research Chat, 2022-06-16 Self-Research Chat