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Apple Health is a software for iPhone that allows aggregating a wide range of health related metrics. iPhones by themselves already do store a lot of data within Apple Health and so do Apple Watches, if linked to the same iPhone. Additionally, other apps and devices (such as Oura Ring or Withings) can write into Apple Health too.

By default, all data in Apple Health is stored locally on the phone, but can be backed up (e.g. in iCloud) alongside all other information. Apple Health does not have any web-based APIs to export data, but third-party integrations that run as iOS apps (like Health Auto Export) can provide such functionalities.

Types of data stored in Apple Health[edit | edit source]

Apple Health supports a lot of different types of data[1]. Apple Health categorises these across some larger top-level categories, including:

  • Activity (steps, calorie burn, …)
  • Body measurements (weight, body fat, …)
  • Cycle tracking
  • Hearing (environmental audio levels, headphone audio levels, …)
  • Heart (resting heart rate, HRV, …)
  • Medications
  • Mental Wellbeing ("State of mind", "Mindfulness")
  • Mobility (stair speed, walking speed, …)
  • Nutrition
  • Respiratory (Blood oxygen, respiratory rate)
  • Sleep
  • Symptoms
  • Vitals
  • "Other"

Exporting data[edit | edit source]

Apple Health provides "sharing" methods for metrics with other iOS users and doctors, but only very limited data export methods by default. The main data export method is a large XML export[2], which exports all the data in one large ZIP file that contains all the data across a number of XML files. While this data set is complete, it is not very accessible – as XML is less trivial to read and becomes quite large and also requires the manual export.

For the automated export some people in the community have made good experiences with Health Auto Export, for exporting the data in more accessible CSV files and also through automated exports.

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