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Reflect is an iOS application designed to enable comprehensive tracking and analysis of personal data. [1][2] It allows users to monitor various metrics such as mood, symptoms, activities, events, performance, supplements, habits, and weight.

Features and Functionality[edit | edit source]

Custom Tracking and Visualization[edit | edit source]

Reflect offers flexible tracking options, enabling users to record a diverse range of personal metrics. It includes data visualization tools that help identify trends and explore relationships between different metrics.

Experiments and Insights[edit | edit source]

The app allows users to conduct experiments to test personal hypotheses related to lifestyle changes and monitor the impact through detailed statistical reports. It also analyzes correlations between tracked metrics, providing insights into how different aspects of users' lives interact.

User Experience and Data Management[edit | edit source]

Users can start using the app immediately without a signup process, defining their data types to begin tracking. Reflect also supports easy data migration through CSV import and export functionalities and includes features for integrating data from other sources (Oura Ring and Whoop).

Privacy[edit | edit source]

Reflect emphasizes user privacy by ensuring all data storage and analysis are confined to the local device.[3]