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Welcome to the Personal Science wiki! If you are a self-researcher working in a specific personal project, or using self-tracking tools and methodologies for generating empirical knowledge, we would like you to join this effort to collect and reflect the work of the personal science community.

The following topics and areas are starting to be covered by different people. Feel free to navigate and contribute to the existing wiki pages or create new ones (indicated in red) with a first version :)

Self-research tools

This are some of the recently created pages in the category tools, as well as some of the still missing ones where we welcome your contribution:

Personal science topics

Specific topics and areas of research which are being experimented by contributors to this wiki and other self-research practitioners:

Research projects

This category refers to personal science projects making use of self-research tools for specific topics: what they did, how they did it and what they learnt through the process:


Pages about self-researchers who are members of the community, popular personal scientits and other participants who are experimenting or have worked in one or more lines of work:

Join our community meetings: here you can find more info about the regular online chats we have every week, as well as the main sources of documentation about what we discuss, share and learn together.